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Your Global Import and Export Partner For Sourcing Products

With over 10 years of product sourcing experience, we have developed an unrivalled network for product acquisitions with a first class service.

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Global Commodities Direct began its inception in the early years of the online shopping boom and the internet auction site explosions.

As a company we began outsourcing affordable household items and offering them online to the general public.

After 18 months of localised online retailing we spread our wings and explored the potential for global product search that could meet the growing demand of our business. Within 10 years we now source items from all four corners of the globe.

As Import and Export specialist our aim is to supply hard to reach and every day items directly from the source without the need for countless middlemen. We are truly a company that speaks and thinks globally. This allows us to offer clients the highest quality products from a range of manufacturer's, growers and artisans.

Our global reputation and relationships with suppliers and clients have been built on excellent service and quality acquisition.

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Gluten Free Flour

Finest Quality Cassava Flour

We have a special relationship with the farmers who produce this very high quality gluten free flour. The flour meets the required standard set out by the EU for Gluten free products, which is 20 (PPM) or 20 part per million. This fine quality flour is ideal for supermarkets and larger manufacturers such as Bread  Bakeries, Biscuiteers, Cake bakers and other tasty snacks that are required to be Gluten free.



Black Tuber Aestivum

This item is exclusive to our company and we are so proud to say this. It is sourced from a remote part of the world by local subsistence Farmers who are passionate about the quality of local produce and regional eco system they have grown up in and work hard to maintain. Truffles are a food source that is organically produced without human cultivation, so the process of requiring this food source is carefully thought out so as to maintain a proportionate balance between growth and harvest.



Yellow Onions

Sourced from a grower that produces over 50,000 tonnes per year, our onions are often required in West Africa. Always shipped in temperature controlled 20/40ft reefer containers the onions are ideal for large scale food manufacturers, hoteliers, supermarkets and small to medium scale retailers. Other items such as white Garlic are also available. 

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All enquiries welcome 

tomatoes paste with ripe tomatoes on woo
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Tomato Paste

Pure & Finest Tomato Paste

This item is used by our many clients throughout West Africa and can be purchased in large size drums, 250, 400g 800g and 2700g cans. As a main element of the staple diet in West Africa, our tomato paste is amongst the highest quality found anywhere in the world. It is a favourite with hoteliers and convenience stores. Such is the success we have now launched our own brand name in recognition to our unique sourcing and successful distribution.


Whey Protein

Flavours: Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla

This item is another of our own brands that is exclusive to Global Commodities Direct. Ravage Pump Nutrition is a Whey Protein and Anabolic Mass supplement ideal for gyms, fitness centres and large supermarkets. We also have Ravage Chewable Amino Acids, Diet Whey, Mass Gainer. Extreme Fuel and Hi - Cal Mass Gainer.



Strong Weight Loss Diet Pills

Phentramine is the most powerful non-prescription weight loss supplement on the market today. It burns fat and suppresses the appetite. Controlling the appetite and increasing metabolism is key to significant weight loss. Phentramine works with your body to make you feel less hungry while giving you more energy at the same time.

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Our Gluten Free Flour

One of the main reasons for sourcing and offering this particular type of Gluten Free Flour is:

Almost all commercially available gluten free flours are all made with different mixtures and these mixtures vary widely from brand to brand. They might contain rice flour teff flour, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, potato starch, garbanzo flour or buckwheat flour – just to name a few of the many options that could be a foundation for a gluten free flour blend.

This product is 100% Cassava flour grown organically and harvested by a localised Farming consortium. Its unique taste and texture is what separates it from the normal Gluten Free products that are not always fully Gluten free. 

Having year - on success in Italy and Australia, this product is famed for its uncompromised ingredient and delightful taste.

As a company we are a big believer in the less a product is tampered with, the greater the benefit. This is why we were impressed by the unspoilt and organic way in which this Flour is grown and processed. 

Some Commercially available flours contain nut flours, made from very finely ground almonds or other nuts. Xanthan gum is a binder that is frequently added to gluten free flour mixes to give the flour some elasticity and make it easy to use right out of the bag. Since the base ingredients for gluten free flour can be very different, different brands can produce very different results in baked goods, giving a recipe a completely different taste and texture.

If you are planning to do a lot of baking with gluten free flour mixtures, I would ask you to consider looking at consistency of texture and taste your customers are expecting. It is simply not good enough to place a FREE FROM sign on a packet and expect your customers to be happy with the product. 

By the way - Our price structures for larger orders are mighty impressive to. 

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